3 Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Today, owning a website is fast becoming a prerequisite for new and small businesses that are keen on thriving and expanding their reach. However, a common challenge most firms face is that of deciding what kind of design, functionality, and capabilities their sites need to have.

It is imperative that business owners consult a professional web design service provider in order to avoid these 3 common mistakes that can deter growth.

1. Emphasizing Urgency over Comprehensive Market Research

Researching the target market is critical to the success of the website in furthering the business goals and objectives. It enables businesses to create websites that appeal to a particular customer demographic, such as the young or old.

Many small businesses tend to focus solely on how fast their sites can be live and running, and not how efficient, responsive, flexible, or relevant they are.

If, for instance, a business targets the youth, designing a responsive site, or one that is compatible with devices other than notebooks, or desktops, may be a major selling point for it.

2. Irrelevant and Outdated Content

Customers expect that companies selling different products and services should have the latest information regarding them on their websites. For instance, if a business runs an online shop that sells smartphones, it is expected that their website will contain the latest models reflecting the most recent launches.

Failure to populate websites with fresh content may suggest that the business is no longer operational, and customers may look elsewhere for what they need. Similarly, failure to update any changes to the services and products the business sells may mislead customers especially when making decision on what to purchase.

3. DIY Designing of the Website

For those businesses whose marketing budgets are tight, or simply lacking, a common practice is for owners to undertake the design tasks themselves. Unfortunate, not everyone is proficient in web design. You should always go with a professional des moines web design company to build your website. DIY spells disaster when it comes to website development!

Many website creation tools and platforms promise impressive results even to people with no prior design experience. However, business owners who decide to design the websites on their own risk jeopardizing their ventures because the outcomes may not appeal to the target markets.

The first impressions of a corporate website play a major role in determining whether the business attracts and retains customers, or not. It may be selling the best products or services, but a bad website design may repel customers, and create an opportunity for them to make negative assumptions about the business.

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